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GEV: Ceasefire Collapse

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Final playtest to get in the swing of GEV with the RAW - had to be the classic "Ceasefire Collapse" scenario. 

Forces are equal. Each side gets VPs for destroying the opposing two intact town hexes, the two CPs, and controlling the map [last man standing].Combine sets up in the zig-zag road pattern marked by craters to the right. Paneuro sets up on the straight road to the left, also marked by craters. 

I thought about it a bit, and the only deployment that made sense was to concentrate near the intact town hexes for each side, and put the Command Posts behind them. Having them spread out would spread out the defense and allow the attacker to hit them piecemeal.

For the Paneuros, I went with a large number of Lt Tanks backed up by Mobile Howitzer, and some GEVs as a mobile reserve.  The deployment area is very shallow, but it'll be easy to gain some depth.  The two town hexes are at the top, buried under units, and behind that are the two CPs, Alpha and Beta.

For the Combine, I put one CP across the water and behind a ruined city, the other on the bridge side [it has one MP]. Protecting them is a force of Infantry and GEVs, both of which can cross the river. But attacks on the CPs will be limited. I don't remember why I didn't put both CPs behind the city - it's definitely the best place for them.
Combine central force - Infantry, Missile Tanks, Hvy Tanks, a few Lt Tanks to protect flanks.

Turn 1, both sides move within striking distance. The hard thing to remember is that you want the opponent to close to within your threat distance [TD] so you can hit him first. The makes it a bit tougher to plan an attack because it is in essence backwards from how we fight now and in the last 100 years or so. So you always have to think one turn ahead to the opponent's counter-attack.
In the South, Paneuro GEVs are positioned to send a force across either stream, while Combine has a portion ready to cross and a portion set to support the left flank of the attack.

Turn 2 end with the main line of resistance thinned out a bit. The MHWZ of each side have been played carefully to avoid a strike from the other, which they won't survive. They've accounted for a few units here and there.
Combine GEV force has made itself into a potent threat in the south. I prioritized picking off Paneuro GEVs looking to gain an edge somewhere.

Losses at Turn 2: 4-6 favoring Paneuro.

Turn 3, Paneuro is able to advance and continue to engage the Combine effectively. Sending a couple light tanks around the North end was a waste of combat power, but Paneuro Infantry have been very useful in the central woods fight.
Combine is strong in the south, however, but I think the Paneuro Infantry and GEVs should be effective in holding them off. We'll see... There's a lot of combat power poised to hit the town.

A decisive strike by Combine results in significant Paneuro losses. One mistake - a lone team of Combine infantry slipped through the Paneuro lines and struck at their MHWZ - rolling the needed '6' means it is dead! Paneuro is in deep trouble now. Bad error on my part...
Paneuro is still pushing down the center with their infantry, but their right flank has completely crumbled and CP Alpha is under attack. Fortunately, it has a good Defense of 3. The loss of the MHWZ is going to be felt as it could have picked off attacking GEVs easily...

Paneuro strikes back, however, and rolling hot takes out the Combine MHWZ!

Over the next turn, the Combine GEVs manage to winkle their way into the Panuero defenses, while using their own reinforcing infantry to counter advancing Paneuros in the center attack. It is down to the wire and the Paneuros must [IMHO] attempt to destroy at least one CP as they probably can't save Alpha, and Bravo is in doubt...meanwhile, the lone Combine GEV at top left has destroyed one of the two intact town hexes - it is adjacent to the second one, and will attempt to destroy it ASAP before attacking Bravo. Tall order for one Lone GEV!
Meanwhile, at bottom left, the Combine have three GEVs attacking CP Alpha, but with D3 it is a tough nut to crack. The remaining Combine defenders must try to hold off the advancing Paneuro Lt Tanks and Infantry squads.

GEV destroys town hex in nick of time and shifts left to destroy Alpha. Paneuro 2-1 Infantry squads are chasing it.
Meanwhile, the GEVs destroy Alpha with a little help from a Lt. Tank.

On the Combine defense, attacks are made against Beta with no luck.
Combine Infantry squad and GEV race to the rescue!

Situation on turn 6 or so: Lone GEV is harassing CP BETA, chased by Paneuro Infantry at top left. He has one last shot at the CP, perhaps, before the Infantry are too close.
At other end of pic, the attack on Combine CP Beta intensifies.  Combine GEVs are racing to the scene! One bold Infantry squad is flying and jumping through the air!

Too late!  CP Beta is destroyed. However, Combine GEV's destroyed both a Lt Tank and the Infantry. The remaining Lt. Tank is basically toast...

Amazingly, The Lone GEV rolls a '6' and destroys CP Beta, before attempting an escape off into the sunset! Who is that masked GEV???
...we'll never know - the Infantry manage to destroy the masked marauder before he can escape.

Given the Combine forces below, it is clear that the remaining Paneuro Infantry will have to retreat off the board [there is no time limit to the scenario] as the GEVs will undoubtedly destroy them.
Combine survive with 4+ 1/3 Units and their Alpha CP, both undamaged town hexes.
Paneuro survive with 1+1/3 Units and no CP or town hexes.

Victory Points:
Combine: 199 pts
15 Points for two town hexes destroyed, 45 for the two CPs destroyed. 
15 pts for controlling the field.
96 points of Armor destroyed, 28 points of Infantry destroyed.

Paneuro: 121 pts
15 points for destroying CP Beta
72 points of Armor destroyed, 34 points of Infantry destroyed

Calling this a decisive Combine win due to holding the field and having a CP intact, in addition to winning by a 1.64 to 1 ratio.

I think that the Combine managed to pull out a win thanks to their effort in the south, which panned out big time. Their attack in the center quickly stalled and became a fight of attrition to pin as many Paneuro units in the center fight while they won on the left. I feel like I played the Combine a little better than the Paneuros.

Interestingly, the different forces didn't seem to make much difference - the Paneuro did manage to edge out the Combine center and survive with some infantry and Lt Tanks. There is a small benefit to having two light tanks as targets compared to only one Heavy, but they are also D2 instead of D3 which usually means a 1-1 attack instead of the 1-2 that all but Missile Tanks have against a heavy.

As a scenario, I feel that all the Paneuro town hexes should be intact [along with an equal number of Combine town hexes] and they should be worth 5 VP each. This forces both sides to spread out more. This may favor GEVs and their hit-and-run style of fighting, however.

I wonder what would happen if either side had one more MHWZ?  Would give them an edge, I think, which is why I had one per side.

Anyway, I may play one more time, or switch to playtesting my alternative Turn sequence.


  1. I don't know if you've seen my blog, but I have a fair amount of Ogre/GEV content. I used to demo for SJG, and the Ceasefire scenario was one I ran a few times. Link:

  2. Hey Ashley, yes I've seen your Paint it Pink blog, I forget how I stumbled upon it but I believe it was Ogre, actually. I didn't see the posts about the [3mm?] miniatures on the large cardboard GEV board - would have loved to get one of those. OTOH, I do love the original counters, and the new 6mm plastics which I must get around to putting on the table.

    1. Cool. Well, if you need or want to ask any questions feel free to email me anytime. Happy New year.


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