Monday, January 22, 2018

PLEASE LINK these POSTS to other sites!

Gentle Readers, 
Please promote the posts you like here to other wargaming and military forums. 
The posts are done - and humbly shared - to promote healthy gaming and save others the time and energy of re-inventing wheels that are posted here. Sharing Lessons Learned is a time-honored part of military professionalism, including among Little Lead Men, so THANKS!

So, why don't we just do this ourselves?
Well, we do, whenever we can. However, some of the sites are, well, a bit troubling to work with. Latest example...

TMP, aka "The Miniatures Page".
Due to the activities of Bill Troutman, who owns and runs TMP for profit, our primary promoter to that site - Queen Catherine - has been booted from the site. why-Why-WHY?? you ask! QC is such a respectful poster!! Because QC had the temerity to raise the question that the rabble-rousing flame-war-inciting posts of Bill himself - and others - are done just to increase post count [and therefore advertising revenues] of TMP. They serve no purpose related to miniature gaming.

"Really?", you ask, "That is a pretty serious accusation!" Well, follow our logic in a latest example...and to be fair we will only use the standards of TMP / Bill himself: 

1) Such posts violate the publicly stated purpose of the forums! 
Cut'n pasted right off the World War Two - Land Message Boards. It says the forum is...
WWII Discussion - For discussion of anything related to WWII miniature wargaming.

we ask you, dear reader, does this following post fulfill the above purpose of being "anything related to WWII miniature wargaming"??? 
"Nazis - Right or Left?" Topic [click
The answer of course is that it does NOT.

2) Such posts drive the response count up and increase ad revenue.
So why does the editor himself create such posts??  Well, it ran to three pages and 141 responses. So despite the fact it is nothing related to WWII miniature gaming, provokes flame wars and is indeed harmful to the peace of mind of TMP-ers, it is done and will continue despite the occasional protests of QC and other posters.

3) What's the moral issue here? Fanning the flames of anger and hate!
- Well, there is a deception that such postings have any bearing on miniature wargaming that needs to be exposed. 
- Also, the reality is that such posts have no actual answer - they are just opinion. There isn't a standard for them to meet. Thus, it just cycles until it gets out of control.
- Finally, this is all part of the "making the people anxious" ploy that pervades popular culture, especially in the area of MEDIA and SALES.

4) What is the right thing to do about it?
The single most important thing for all TMP-ers to do is REFUSE TO POST REPLIES in such obvious descents into trolling, especially when Bill himself is behind it. If the community refuses to participate, the post count will lower, and money will talk - it's a language Bill Armintrout will understand.

5) That's not enough for me - I want to do more to send a clear message!
Hmmm, well, one thing would be a posting boycott or "fasting". Don't post at all, or even visit the site for a specific amount of time. Then "money will talk, and Bill A. will walk" so to speak. This would be most effective if every time such a flame-war-inducing message is posted you send Bill an email saying something like:
"Bill, disappointed that another flame war is being started, 7-day Fast for me."
Don't post into the threat as it will just get the count up. I welcome other ideas, but this is the best I could come up with. 

Without a clear alternative, it is hard not to use TMP for wargaming purposes. I'd literally pay $5 / month for a site that was better and more respectfully managed [and let's not even start about the controversy surrounding his choice of editors], but such tech work is beyond me. Looking for a self-starter and a Kickstarter on this...anyone got suggestions?

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