Tuesday, June 6, 2017


The below items are for sale at a big discount if bought together:
  1. Retail = $260: 86 Figs, 40 British and 46 Afghan/Insurgents TAG & Empress figs, 
  2. Retail = $400: MDF Buildings by Game Craft Afghan MDF , 
  3. Retail = $60: Ambush Alley Rules, "Force on Force" Ambush Alley scenario book "Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan 2001-2010"
This is $ 720 of items. 
Willing to sell entire lot for $360 plus shipping @ cost.
Willing to sell figures and rules and half the buildings for $250
Willing to consider any trades - particularly interested in Micro Armor now.

*Shipping at cost and by agreement. Local pickup OK. 

*Reply in the COMMENTS section with a way to get in touch, OR
*email my gmail which is aama19147, THANKS!

I set to do this project with the best figs, buildings and rules I could. I was pretty keen on it for a while, but I decided that recent fighting isn't as fun as distant battles - I'd hate to run a game with a guest only to discover that they had friends or family involved in the war.  

So the thrust of our historical skirmish gaming efforts will concentrate on "long ago" fights in Afghanistan, and with figs twice as tall! ________________________________________________________________________

1. 86 Figures

  • British infantry from The Assault Group – TAG - [40 figs],
  • two TAG Afghan RPG dioramas [6 figs, pits to hide in]
  • ISIS / Taliban [[40] from Empress minis.

The Assault Group, aka "TAG"
BAB-006 Afghans w' RPG7 Diorama [3 figs w'foxhole emplacement]
BAB-006 Afghans w' RPG7 Diorama [3 figs w'foxhole emplacement]
[these are $15 ea]

BRT-004 Fusiliers w' Cockade [8 figs]
BRT-006 Marine Commandos with Beret [8 figs]]
BRT-007 British Infantry - Black Watch Command [in Bonnet w' Plume] [8 figs]
BRT-008 British Infantry - Black Watch Squad [in Bonnet w' Plume] [8 figs]
BRT-009 British Infantry - Black Watch Squad [in Bonnet w' Plume, shirt sleeves] [8 figs]
All have varied poses.
Infantry packs run $20 / each, so $130 of TAG figs
Total is 24 Black Watch, 8 Marines, 8 Fusiliers, 6 Afghans

I think Brits would be a great platoon to add to an allied scenario. I picked out guys who are not in full combat gear but have the bonnets and berets, just for that purpose. I was going to have them on a civil affairs mission and need to get rescued.

Empress Miniatures
Modern Combat line, Taliban HERE and Insurgents HERE

2xTAL1, 2xTAL2, TAL3, TAL4, TAL5, INS1, INS2, INS3, 4 FIGS ea = 40 figs
These are $13 a pack [yep, $3.33 a fig], so $130 of figs.

These are amazing figs – I shouldn’t be allowed to look at the page, it makes me want to buy their entire Spanish Civil War line...

Game Craft Minis Afghan / Middle East Village in 25mm.

Afghan village in mdf 28mm from Gamecraft Miniatures, $400 of buildings


Sample in package with Empress Taliban for scale - they're BIG!


Cutting-edge rules by Ambush Alley games, published in deluxe style by Osprey.

- Force on Force is $35 U.S. [some black pen markings]
- Enduring Freedom is $25 U.S. [mint condition]

basic rules have some black pen markings [just enough to help delineate the layout]

Enduring Freedom is mint - looks like this:

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