Tuesday, June 6, 2017

FOR SALE! Updated Feb 2023

The below items are for sale at a big discount if bought together:
  1. Retail = $260: 86 Figs, 46 Afghan/Insurgents TAG & Empress figs, 
  2. Retail = 
Willing to consider any trades - particularly interested in Micro Armor now.

*Shipping at cost and by agreement. Local pickup OK. 

*Reply in the COMMENTS section with a way to get in touch, OR
*email my gmail which is aama19147, THANKS!

1. 46 Figures

  • two TAG Afghan RPG dioramas [6 figs, pits to hide in]
  • ISIS / Taliban [[40] from Empress minis.

The Assault Group, aka "TAG"
BAB-006 Afghans w' RPG7 Diorama [3 figs w'foxhole emplacement]
BAB-006 Afghans w' RPG7 Diorama [3 figs w'foxhole emplacement]
[these are $15 ea]

Empress Miniatures
Modern Combat line, Taliban HERE and Insurgents HERE

2xTAL1, 2xTAL2, TAL3, TAL4, TAL5, INS1, INS2, INS3, 4 FIGS ea = 40 figs
These are $13 a pack [yep, $3.33 a fig], so $130 of figs.

These are amazing figs – I shouldn’t be allowed to look at the page, it makes me want to buy their entire Spanish Civil War line...

Cutting-edge rules by Ambush Alley games, published in deluxe style by Osprey.
- "Tomorrow's War" is $35 U.S. [New, but some corners smooshed from poor packaging during shipping - no effect on using the rules]

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