Saturday, March 11, 2017

Malakand Force fights under Wee Willie Winkie

One of the fun discoveries about using the Armies in Plastic figs is that they are much more durable than metal. Actually, when unpainted there's nearly nothing except serious abuse that will ruin them. This has meant that my 7yo son has been able - at times - to set them up without me even being around, and unworried that anything will happen [he's still forbidden to touch anything on the work table, however, under pain of losing his Good Conduct Medal]. So it's also been a lesson in "following the rules of the office" as well as the rules of the game.

I thought up a quick couple of rules that use dice and he is making great progress in playing: each soldier shooting gets 1d6, and Brits hit on a 4+ and Pathans on a 5+. Melee is 1 dice per Pathan and 2 per Brit, high roll winning. He still doesn't like to take casualties, but is getting used to the fact that "war is heck". The infantry move 6" and cavalry 12". Guns get 4d6 and can destroy a building or terrain on a natural '6'. The air power [hey, I just live with certain things] is a flying cannon but can take on defense airpower by hitting it on a natural '6', also.

Below, Wee Willie has deployed his forces to face the Pathans and their Arab jihadist allies. At right are the British and their pals, at left the Pathans and theirs. A couple of guns are also helping, but no airpower on the table today - he likes to field an A-10 Warthog, which is a pretty intense support element!

At top, are the English, in center the Scots [I'm rarely allowed to take a Scot as casualty, an Englishman usually has to suffice] and at bottom the Indians.

At top, the Pathans have suffered trying to assault the English with their sword and buckler men. One Hero continues to charge the English on his destrier. At bottom, green Arabs prepare to engage the Indians [really lovely, dynamic figs, btw!].

While I did have some idea that the plastics would make it easier to do something with the lad, I had no idea just how much he'd enjoy it. So a big ++ rating on using the AIP for family fun. I may have one of the only kids in town whose idea of a game has no screen!

If you want to head this route, be sure to check out the 8 for 5 deal at AIP - buy a 6th box and you get free shipping which pays for the box! So no-brainer there, you pay for 6 and get 9 total boxes, HERE. This is more than enough for two sides of anything, or both sides of a couple of different periods in skirmish fashion.

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