Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Expanded Direction and Focus

There's a limit to the number of blogs I can tend to, and I hate to see them being neglected.  Also, there's crossover interest on my part that may also be crossover interest for readers of this blog.  So this blog's focus will be expanded to my interest in the rules Chain Reaction 3.0 [free download from Two Hour Wargames] and Force on Force / Tomorrow's War.  The periods that interest me for both of these skirmish & squad level games is the Mexican Civil War and Pershing's Intervention, Afghanistan and other contemporary combat, and near-future / Star Wars sci-fi gaming.  While I was tempted by 25mm WWII, I just felt that expansion into a scale was not wise at this time when I'm attempting to scale back on gaming [pun intended!].

So there will be a lot more variety on this blog, altho I'll continue to post pics and kick around ideas and resources for N. Africa in WWII, which is a favorite period of mine.  This will also result in more posts that will hopefully be of interest to readers.