Monday, December 28, 2015

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

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I've had these figs in my garage in freezer bags for years:
I don't even know how many of them there are. But I'm now sorting them out to get them to the table. Above, 49 classic stormtroopers, classic rebel troopers, and seven likely heroes, plus a cast of extras. Frankly, the Wizards of the Coast game was really quite good, and I enjoyed playing it a bit here and there. Also plays OK as a solo game with a generally speaking IGO-UGO sequence, and lovely maps and the cards were amusing, alto. The scenarios from the films were also great, and I played out a bunch of the ones from "A New Hope". 

This movie is hard to explain to young folks. I saw it on the big screen - a nicely sized 50' one - when it was released. It was amazing, and we really had never seen anything like it. With computers being newfangled and somewhat laughable gadgets only a few people owned, the visuals and especially the musical score by John Williams really blew us away. My mom let me and one sister stay and see it again [without paying]. The two older sisters must've seen it - in the theater - about 25 times each! As there were no videos, that's what you had to do. People  would wait in lines for hours to get tickets, just like with rock concerts. Certainly struck a cord even though it was a bit nuts. Not to rain on the parade of follow-ups, but you only get that once. 

Now lots of TV shows have amazing special effects, and friends have huge screens and stereo hookup, and it's all taken for granted. The follow-ups have been OK, and I plan to see the latest, just because it hasn't been totally trashed in reviews and I want to see the actors in this last run before age takes them from us permanently.

Having decided to get out of painting 25-8mm scifi, I'm now running with Star Wars as both a good theme and back world, as well as having lots of figures for, perhaps several hundred. The Fringe faction provides a lot of interesting figures for the table [just like in the game, actually] and they make great futuristic fighters against or for the Empire.  Perfect setup as I don't have time to paint everything!

Have meant to try Chain Reaction for ages, and own 3.0 which I've read more than once.  Never got it into motion, however. Now downloaded CR2015 from here 2HW freebies and have mostly read it. It certainly looks cleaner and has a few nice tweaks to it. 

There's still some aspects to the reaction-test mechanic that concern me, but as I haven't played them yet I will of course follow my rule and play them RAW first. Having sorted out some classic forces, I'll be throwing a few things on the table ASAP. Stay tuned!

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