Monday, February 4, 2019

2018, 2019: Looking Back and Looking Ahead!

Scottish Soldiers prepare to execute HDMP [Highland Decision Making Process]. 
Note DMAB [decision making assistance blades] to weigh the finer merits of various COA.
Note this is not as preferable as DMAW [Decision Making Assistance Whiskey]

looks like a raucous process but more energizing than contemporary U.S. Army MDMP...

2018 - a lot done, but not all goals accomplished
This was a busy blog in 2018, with 27 posts. January had 7 posts for micro-armor and "Oil Cheaper than Water" alone! The tally is thus:
- Micro Armor / OCtW rules - 15 posts
- Modern Skirmish / Terminator Genisys Rules - 6 posts
- WWII / Up the Blue WWII rules - 3 posts
- Malakand Field Force, Afghanistan 1898 in 54mm - one measly post
- a focus post on 2017 & 2018. Goals in 2018 were:
- to post more [done!]
Modern rules development [done! Oil Cheaper than Water got a bunch of play]
- painting my desert Brits [some progress - got my painting info organized here] 
- making more terrain, US WWII, and FFL v. Arabs [zero progress] 
came in at the bottom. Some priorities were derailed by spending a bunch of time on Terminator and modern skirmish in the last quarter.

I definitely need to do more 15mm WWII!

2019 Goals. Green are definite, Amber are desirable, Red is Stretch-goal

Up the Blue! WWII & Modern Combat
15mm WWII 
British Desert force finished
Finish Up the Blue! draft and force lists for both.
Game Med / desert using Up the Blue! and W:aI WWII modified.
Work on WWII US Force v. Germans for ETO fights

Work on French Foreign Legion v. Arabs using UtB! or W:aI WWII [especially promising].

Captain Escargot v. Mullah Mansef - destined to meet again!

"Oil Cheaper than Water" variant
Work on Syria 2020 1/285 armies
Do new draft from updated UtB rules.

28mm Terminator Genysis Rules
Paint up forces of Endos and Humans...hmm, what have we here?

Game it with Star Wars Figs - ready to go!
Northwest Frontier - paint up basic skirmish force to toy around with
Paint up Taliban & consider Empress US forces
finish 40K Heresy teams

Stay tuned for some rapid progress!

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