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Terminator Genisys Project: 28mm Figure Report p.1

Sculpting Wars: the styles of GW v. TG v. Empress v. OG

Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game [hereafter referred to as TG] comes with 31 figures: more are easily and inexpensively obtained [for now].

BLUF: both versions of the box set contain 10 posable Endoskeletons and 5 Endo Crawlers in a metallic grey plastic. To fight them are 16 Resistance Soldiers in medium olive green plastic. These have several weapon choices - attached to arms - but are not really posable. The plastic's colors allow you to spend little to no time painting them up - you could just do flesh for the people, black for the weapons, and beady red eyes for the Endos, and you're done. I plan to do more than that, which is part of the fun! A few more interesting facts:
  • Sculptors are Michael Perry and Bob Naismith
  • All but the crawlers have a base sculpted on - it's the right size and I won't redo them.
  • All the figures are Perry plastic 28mm [not Heroic GW], but don't believe me...
Frontloaded Figure Scale Comparison [cause I know you wanted it]

L to R: GW IG Catachan, Terminator Genisys Resistance Soldier then Endoskeleon, Empress Taliban x2, Old Glory medieval, GW Necron Warrior with Gauss Flayer.

Pretty clearly, these are 28mm with realistic proportions that fit into the Perry ethos of plastic sculpts, unsurprising since Michael Perry was involved. These should fit nicely with any comparable range. My own plan is to get some Empress 28mm Rangers to represent my elite Resistance Soldiers [and well, be Rangers, too! Someone has to fight the above Empress Taliban].

Of great interest should be the oversize Catachen and Necron sculpts. They are a bit cartoonish but very easy to see and paint - great table presence! Note that the TG and Empress are much more realistically proportioned than the other two brands, and the Old Glory has the exaggerated head and hands for easy painting and popping appearance. All a matter of taste!

Easy Assembly. The parts snap or flex together without glue [altho the arms will fall off when handling if not glued]. Endo upper bodies rotate on the spine for easy posing.

Each sprue has 3 figs, 2 Endos and 1 crawler. The Endos have two lower body types [left foot forward or right foot forward], one trunk type, two arm / plasma gun types [left hand forward or right hand forward. Endoskeletons are ambidextrous, of course!]. This makes for a wide variety of poses that far exceeds one expectations.

Each Resistance Soldier Sprue has four figs: 3 Men - running, standing and kneeling, 1 Woman - braced to shoot.

Weapon guide for Resistance Soldier sprue

Easy assembly - bodies are one piece, only the arms need to be attached. This allows for five choices of weaponry, but the arms tend to fall off when handled, so plan to glue them anyway. As the plasma and assault rifles are pretty similar looking and are the basic weapons, it's not a big deal. Should be noted that the female Soldier only has two choices - shotgun or plasma rifle b/c her proportions are smaller. I'm just grateful she isn't some half-naked Amazonian she-warrior wearing high heels and tottering off-balance from her cleavage!

Working with the figures
The Endoskeletons are very easy to work with and are posable - the torso rotates 360 around the circular spine and the arms/weapon swing quite far up and down. The two leg sets give a surprising amount of variety. They assembled rapidly:

and are durable enough to be bent and shaped [I glue to reinforce if bending, usually the head which does not rotate and is molded to the trunk]

The only mold line I filed was on the base edge [it would be visible after flocking]:

Five of leg pose 1: I rotated torsos in relation to the feet and have one firing down into the foxhole of a cowering human [#1], and two firing up into your bedroom window [#2 & 5]!

Five of leg pose 2.

Endoskeleton Verdict: 9/10 for sculpting details, ease of labor, details, character [inasmuchas mindless killer 'bots can have character!] and PRICE PRICE PRICE! At $1.50 for 2 standing and 1 crawler, the price just can't be beat!

Get a bunch of these sprues if you've any interest in 28mm historical scale killer bots for Terminator, Heresy Warhammer 40K Necrons, Weird War 2, whatever. Maybe your Walking Dead characters would like a break from killing zombies? Perhaps insane Nazi scientists survive to 2029 in Brazil to wreak havoc on coffee exports? Only your imagination is the limit!

Next up: assembling the Humans, priming, cleaning, etc.

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