Wednesday, January 6, 2016

4,000 Views - Future plan...

Well, my plan may not be that cunning. Actually, it isn't cunning at all, but it's a great plan and I'm sticking with it! only four months, the visits have doubled from 2,000 on August 4th, 2015 when I posted the following goals:
  1. Finish draft of WWII Fast-play rules [inspired by Neil Thomas and his One-Hour Wargames].  Do a playtest, then post a batrep for a workable draft of the rules.  If ideas/concepts flop in execution, then just post what didn't work. 
  2. Finish my Crusader Company.  This includes about 20+ tanks since it is a full-strength 16 tank company plus substitutions to use it from 41 thru 42-3.
  3. Paint up a platoon of Brit 25 pdrs and Brit motor company.  Then they will have almost as many options as my Italians, and I can stop proxying Italians in for the Brits.
Nice to see that what interests me interests others. The NT Rules have certainly gotten a lot of attention, and the new detailed AARs of Chain Reaction 2015 have certainly proven very interesting to lots of people. Special thanks to all who enjoy and share this Blog! 

While Goal #1 has gone well, Goals #2-3 haven't been quite as fruitful. Hosting games and preparing for same competes with painting time, and it's a different sort of energy to sit down and paint altho I find it relaxing. Was also a bit discouraged at not finding info for British uniforms in the two Osprey books I bought. Finding "British Battle Insignia (2)" at Amazon for $5 got me moving though, and it arrived in the mail today! So I will be able to do a better job making my Motor Infantry a little bit colorful and interesting. 

The Crud Company I pretty much have all the info on, I just need to sit down and do them. But since they can be played with "as-is" the priority is the motor infantry and 25pdrs as I could really use them on the table. 

Looking forward to fielding two full forces of British and Italians in the Western Desert, 1941! Both will have an infantry force and an armor force, with plenty of switchouts and alternatives. And there's plenty more in the collection. I can easily field another force of Italian infantry and another force of British tanks [Honeys]. 

Meanwhile, expect to see more on 2HW skirmish.  Mainly Star Wars at first, but some WWII is on the way. I'd love to have 25mm WWII but am afraid of what will happen if I head down that route! Best to try it with 15s first and see how it goes. Nuts! looks very promising for developing Star Wars since most of the fighting resembles WWII and earlier levels of technology [at least the ground fighting, that is]. I own 25mm Old Glory Pershing v. Pancho Villa, and have a few modern Brits and Taliban, but haven't gotten moving on those projects yet.

Finally, I've added a labels bar to the top left, and hopefully that will make the site easier to navigate and find what interests you.

Stay tuned, and feel free to make requests and suggestions!

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