Friday, October 9, 2015

One - Hour Wargames WWII: Scenario #6 Batrep, p.2

Well, over halfway through to the 15-turn limit, and I doubt the Brits can win with two destroyed Tank Units, 1/3 their force.  However, the Italians have lost a Tank Unit and more critically the ATG Unit blocking the road.  Maybe there's some hope after all...

Turn 10.  Brits knock out second Italian Carri Unit.  Italians make valiant effort to knock out a third Crud Unit, which would probably end the game for the Brits, but they don't quite make it [11 Hits] due to bad rolls.  Must be a lot of dust and smoke from their angle... 

Turn 11.  Brits charge the Mortars, rally 5 Hits[!] off the key Crud Unit and keep fire upon the Italian blocking force, damaging the rear infantry unit.  With two solid Cruds and one recovering, there's a chance for a breakthrough after all... but best not to jinx it!

Turn 12.  Brits fire their Mortars at the Italian ones then charge with the Cruds, but Close Range shooting doesn't achieve as much as hoped. Italians fire everything at the lead Crud Unit on the road, but achieve little since both Infantry and Mortars are -2 against them, and they roll average.  Note that the Mortars have no close range shooting, so can't fire upon the Cruds that are poised to over-run them!

Turn 13.  Brit's effective ranged Fire destroys Italian reserve Infantry blocking road as Cruds destroy Italian Mortars at Close Range.  Italians are too limited in firepower now to do much, so try to beat up the opposing motor Infantry.  With space cleared around the blocking Italian Infantry Unit, it will come down to movement rolls for the British Tank Units to see if a few can get off the board.  Exciting turnaround after I thought all was lost for the Brits!

Top of Turn 14.  Cruds race into the breakthrough!  Half decent dice will get them off the board.  Infantry whiff their doubled Fire against the tanks b/c 2-2x2 = 0.

Turn 15.  Cruds rolling off the board.  Even with the -4" move for proximity to enemy, they easily diced high enough to exit. A few turns ago, I didn't think the Brits could win - then I thought they might get a Unit or two off, and now they've turned it around.  Quite the nail biter!

Game end.  Three Cruds off board, with a damaged infantry left behind that will slowly recover and gain some ground on Hits.  The one Crud unit has eleven hits, but could get several back with rallying.  So a surprising and hard-fought victory.

Overall, I thought I played both sides well.  I had to make some hard decisions about Fire and Movement, which is well and good.  Play was in about an hour and turns got faster and faster as I got more experienced with the rules and some Units got destroyed.  The second half of the game was less than half as long as the start.

The rules did very well, only a couple of clarifications and little changes which are included in the posted set.  Try them out and let me know what you think.

Until then, "Tally-Ho!" and "Avanti Savoia!"

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