Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2000 Views! Future Plans...

So real military work has kept me busy for most of this year.  Between preparing to leave and actually being activated, I haven't had much time for any gaming at all, not even able to bring Starfire II with me.  I contemplated it during packing, but a realistic understanding soon set in, and even the few microgames I brought with me have sat on the shelf for several months now.  Still, I know that people who follow blogs are interested in previews of coming attractions, so here goes.

Just before I left I was working on the 2nd draft of my modifications of the 1HW rules, and playing out scenarios with my WWII desert Brits and Italians.  Continuing in that direction, future posts will be:

  • Finish draft and do a playtest, then post a batrep for a workable draft of the rules.  If ideas/concepts flop in execution, then just post what didn't work.
  • Finish my Crusader Company.  This includes about 20+ tanks since it is a full-strength 16 tank company plus substitutions to use it from 41 thru 42-3.
  • Paint up a platoon of Brit 25 pdrs and Brit motor company.  Then they will have almost as many options as my Italians, and I can stop proxying Italians in for the Brits.
I'll be returning from active army in the fall, so expect some progress after September.  Until then, top off your petrol and keep your ammo racks full!

"We're still brewing up guv'na - the war will have to wait!"
2 pdr Portee Crew resting by their vehicle

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