Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Things to fight over - Italian Objectives for Flames of War

I don't play FoW at the moment, but I still love the objectives I made for it, and they'll turn up as markers or HQ units in any game that I play in the future.  I have to say that the diorama aspect of FoW is very appealing, and it's great to see the objectives people make.  DON'T USE SIMPLE CARDS!  Make something cool for your company!  Rant over.  Here's some of mine:

  1.  Forward observation post on the left.  Old Glory figs, Peter Pig bicycle, foam, sand, kitty litter rocks, foam greenery.  Guard, observer and radioman, with wire trailing off the edge of the base.  Bicycle is to ride out when the wire's cut and inspect it!  From an actual photo.
  2. Knocked-out Semovente command vehicle.  Old Glory tank, and doctor, Peter Pig wounded, nun and old man in blackshirt [orderly].  The kneeling medic is a modified radioman, the doctor an artillery officer with a clipboard.  The nun is in correct historical garb for an order of Italian nuns in North Africa who did in fact man hospitals!  She's hurrying to the scene.  The tank was damaged using an X-Acto blade, the cuts reflect the brittle nature of Italian armor metal which was lower grade and not as pliable, so it shattered sometimes on impact.
  3. Battlefront Italian M13/41 objective.  Burned out tank, nothing impressive done to it, I should probably spruce it up a bit.  Also sculpted from a photo that I saw on line somewhere, I am pretty certain.

 Side view of all three.  The trench looks a bit jumbled in this pic, it's easier to see in real life.

Final side view.  The brewed-up Semovente has an exit hole from the round that went thru it, knocking out the lower plate on the far side.  I need a camera that takes close-up shots I think!

Hope you enjoyed these shots.  It is a lot of fun to tell a little story with your objectives, and put some drama in them.  Google images has tons of great pics, avail yourself of that resources for inspiration!

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