Monday, September 16, 2013

MAIN EVENT! "Flames of War" v. "A Fistful of Tows 3" which will survive??

Well, Gunny Highway, the fellow who provided the first comment of the page [special prize in order?] gave me some impetus for thought.  While I do like FoW and it's the #1 game at the FLGS, I wouldn't mind trying something that is a bit simpler and that also encourages historical tactics more consistently.  Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting the system when I try to play like the real guys fought.  Some investigation here and there led me to check into other rules.  

One group I know plays "Fireball Forward" occasionally, I plan to make the next one if possible.  A buddy of mine - the venerable Bede in the blog list - has "Blitzkrieg Commander" [aka Warmaster WWII] and FFT3 above.  He suggested I help him with a battle for the latter first as he wants to blog it.  I went to the site and checked it out:  

There are plenty of useful things including a playthru, QRS and a steamlined WWII set of rules with examples.  While it bills itself as a mechanized warfare game, the infantry rules also look interesting and not just meant to leave them there on the sidelines while the mechanized knights decide the battle [or run them over].  

So I'm going to give them a shot with my buddy's modern stuff, and if I like it enough I'll borrow it and then do a play-thru comparison against FoW using the exact same forces and the same battle - desert forces "Up the Blue!" of course.  We'll see how it plays out.  I like that it has Overwatch fire and off-board artillery, and a few other touches, in the streamlined WWII rules.  Tally-Ho!

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